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Time's Up (Wincest Fanfic)
Author: thvampirates
Pairing: Monster!Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam was out of control. He wasn't him anymore.

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Title:  Sidelined
Author:  my_sam_dean
Challenge:  ladyrhyanne, love, hate, mine, "Not a snowball's chance in hell."
Rating:  R
Warnings:  Incest, swearing
Disclaimer:  Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and the CW.  I make nothing for writing fanfic.
Summary:  The Impala breaks down.  Bobby comes to the rescue.


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Posting OK for April!!
Multi by the water
But you guys already knew that, right? RIGHT.

There's been a significant lack of challenges recently, and I'm thinking it's mostly due to end-of-school-year stuff. You know, tests and finals for those of us in high school/college/grad school. So, hopefully we'll see some people signing up next month and actually completing their challanges? Y/Y?

But for now, please post up your fic if you've finished it! :D

Challenges Closed for April 2008
Fandom, Wincest, SPN dean reading wincest
Okay, guys. Challenges are closed for this month. Sadly, no one posted a challenge. Ah, well. I figure with finals coming up people must be swamped, so perhaps next month?

April 2009 Challenge Submissions!
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HAI GUYZ! It's that time again. Please comment to this post with your challenges for April. Remember to use the format in the userpage for posting your challenges, re-printed here for easiness!


Comments are screened for secrecy, as always. :D

And A Child Shall Lead Them...Maybe...Eventually
Jared/Jensen 2
Title: And A Child Shall Lead Them...Maybe...Eventually
Author: ladyrhyanne  
Rating: R
Warning: Wincest, swearing
Spoilers: General Major plot point spoilers for Season 4.
Word Count: 2,998
Challenge: my_sam_dean, life, gun, peas, "You never know when it will change." 
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and the CW. No profit is being made from this fanfiction.
Summary: The 66th seal was broken but instead of out fighting against the demons, Castiel has charged Sam and Dean with a much more important job.

A/N: I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!  Cripes I've become the white rabbit.

Sam/Dean this way...

March 2009 Fics OK to Post!!
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Yes, as always it's the 25th and you can post your fics now. YAY!!

Remember to follow the guidelines for posting on the userinfo page and please contact me for anything at all! Seriously, I am here for the contacting purposes.

March 2008 Challenges Given Out!!
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Okay, guys! I'm back from the con and I've given out challenges. Let me know if you signed up and didn't get yours yet. And as usual, all info and rules can be found on the userinfo page.

Remember, all fics must be posted in between the 25th and end of the month. Good luck and happy writing!

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What's Fallen Between
Jared/Jensen 2

Title: What's Fallen Between
Author: [info]ladyrhyanne 
Rating: R
Warning: Wincest, swearing
Spoilers: 3.16 No Rest For The Wicked, 4.01 Lazuras Rising, 4.04 Metamorphasis, 4.14 Sex And Violence
Word Count: 3,799
Challenge: [info]my_sam_dean, claw, scent, cloud, "It could be worse." 
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and the CW. No profit is being made from this fanfiction.
Summary: Things haven't been right since Dean came back from hell, add a hellhound that Sam can hear and things just got worse.

A/N: I know I'm late, I failed this month.  Sorry [info]my_sam_dean.  Hope you like it all the same.

Sam/Dean this way...

Comments and constructive criticism snuggled.

Plausible Deniability
Siriuslyyellow Name With Main Pairings
Title: Plausible Deniability
Author: siriuslyyellow
Rating: R
Warning(s): Emotional!Sam/ConfusedAndImpulsive!Dean, incest, cursing, semi-angst, pondering, mentions of Ruby, brief mentions of Castiel and Anna, brief mention of their parents and Sam’s love interests
Spoilers: Up to and including season 4 episode 14, “Sex and Violence”
Word Count: 3,960
Challenge: ladyrhyanne, darkness, denial, belief, "Because I'm me and you're you and it'll never happen that way."
Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural. Woe.
Beta Acknowledgement: kowaiyoukai, you rock so hard! *gives wincest and cookies*
Summary: The boys discuss their multitude of issues.
A/N: This fic is for the February ’09 round of wincest_fic. It takes place a little over a week after 4x14, and has to do with what happens in that episode and earlier. I’ve felt the need for a while to explain some of the recent canon events, and this challenge seemed perfect for it. I may write a sequel if it’s well-received, because I have more of this story floating around in my head, but you know, I had to get it in by the deadline so, alas, I couldn’t write any more on it. Anywho, I hope you like it, ladyrhyanne! *hearts* ^__^*

Plausible Deniability


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